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From: Jorge Grossao
Subject: honeymoon-in-bahia-2HONEYMOON IN BAHIA 2
Jorge AlvarezWhen I wake up my wife is already sitting on the porch waiting for
breakfast. "Good morning dear, how was your night?" "It couldn't be better,
I love this place. And you?" I can't tell her that I spent the night being
fucked by a gang of capoeira black studs, especially Jaildo, their leader,
whose giant cock has upgraded my male pussy. I can still feel their cumloads
boiling deep inside me. "OK".Breakfast is brought by a tall, strong black man. It's Jaildo! But he
introduces himself as Jair. Winking at me he tells us that he has a twin
brother who also works at the resort, and the guests can't tell them apart,
but for one little detail. I wonder...The thought that under his loose cotton pants Jair hides an enormous fat
cock just like his brother's makes my head spin. I start to drool. Thank god
my wife is immersed in her sudoku puzzle. Jair takes the breakfast from his
tray to our table using both hands. The tray just floats in the air!I realize that he's balancing the tray on his hard dick! He winks at me
again, with a wicked smile. I wipe the sweat from my brow. I must have this
fabulous cock for breakfast."Mrs. and Mr. Turner, do you care for fresh coconut water? I'm going to
fetch the coconuts from one of those trees outside". Jair turns away and I
mumble: "I'm joining you, I've always wanted to learn how to climb a coconut
tree"."Georgie! Don't get yourself hurt. According to our prenup if you die today
I get nothing!""Don't worry dear. Just watch out, don't leave the porch 'cause a coconut
might fall on your head, ok?"Jair is already climbing, his powerful black legs wrapped around the trunk.
I have actually learned how to do this the last time I was here, with other
Bahian studs. When we reach the top, way above the bungalows and the beach,
he pulls me up to sit with him on a small wood plaftform.His cock jumps out of his fly, almost as thick as the tree trunk and just as
black. His huge hairy balls are the size of coconuts. So is the giant head
of his fantastic cock. Just like his brother's. I notice that unlike
Jaildo's which is a little bent to the left, Jair's is bent to the right.
Otherwise I couldn't have Off Lolita Toplist
told the twins apart.I stick my tongue out to lick the hard ebony shaft. The head itself is pitch
black. The whole thing is just the most luscious male lollipop I've ever
sucked. I try to open my mouth wide enough, but the head is too wide.I settle on kissing, slurping, mouthing, lapping the huge cock. A constant
flow of clear honey springs from the wide eye at the tip. I give myself a
facial, rubbing my cheeks, my eyes, my forehead on the sticky, pungent male
goo.I go down on his balls, mouthing the giant hard nuts inside the sacks. Jair
moans Off Lolita Toplist
and sways the palm fronds of the coconut tree. I take in the glorious
landscape around us, the glistening morning sea, the surf, the palms going
up the hill behind us. I'm in cocksucker heaven.Jair stands up, lifts me in his powerful arms, puts my feet on his knees and
tells me to hold on to the tree trunk. He's going to fuck me! He tells me to
sit back on his dick. I feel the giant head nudged between my thighs,
throbbing.Thank god his brother and the capoeira gang got me real loose last night.
The crown of the huge cock slips in past my hungry asshole and finds its way
up my famished anus. I feel the now familiar size of the marvelous male
weapon invading me.Jair pulls me by the waist. I'm now totally impaled on his black spear. The
big stud pulls back and violently shoves his dick all the way in. I shudder,
keeping my mouth shut so my wife won't hear my screams.Jair fucks me hard and fast, shaking the coconut tree. Large coconuts start
to fall on the ground below with loud bangs. Off Lolita Toplist
I hear my wife yelling from
under the porch. "Hey! What are you guys doing?""We're shaking the tree to get all the coconuts down, honey. Stay there or
you can get hit. One of those coconuts on your head, and you're done...""Do you want your coconut milk, gringo?", Jair moans in my ear. "Yes! Give
it to me!"The black stud holds me tight in his arms and floods my insides with his
huge cumload. My Off Lolita Toplist own cock spurts on the tree trunk. His giant dick is
feeding my male cunt, but I feel that he only makes it even hungrier for
more black male seed.He plop the enormous penis out of my hole, turns me around and keeps
shooting, now inside my gaping mouth. I gargle with his hot cum, it foams
down my lips, it tastes like tropical fruit, I'm drowning on his creamy male
stuff.When we get down my wife Off Lolita Toplist
is still at her puzzle. "So honey, how was it?""I can't think of a better way of starting my day. Delicious. And nourishing
too.""Mr. Turner", Jair says, "I have a teenage son, Jobson, and he's starting
today as a windsurf instructor here at the resort. Would you give me the
honor of being his first client? I have to warn you, he's very...
talented... even more than Jaildo and I, yes, believe me. But his a virg...
he's inexperienced, so you have to give him a hand, ok?""Wow! Yes, I'll give him a hand... I'll give him everything... Where is this
talented young man?""He's waiting for you at the beach"
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